A Very Odd And Piteous Prayer


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A Very Odd And Piteous Prayer


The Forrest Gump of Emergence prays to his goddess.

In a strange twist of traditional religion (and a morbid strain of sexual confusion) Mike, who finds himself—appropriately enough—in a kitchen, pleads for the inaccessible energy of his girl-god. No word yet on whether she heard his prayer. I dunno, maybe Elijah would ask Mike if his goddess was busy talking on the phone or pinned like a moth under a glass ceiling.

But it appears to Mike that he cannot be a man without the help of this cruel and aloof being. So he prays to her.

Perhaps a mental health professional can trace these feelings of sexual inadequacy to an embarrassing moment on a school playground when a girl pulled Mike's hair and took his lunch money. Fortunately I didn't pursue psychology and I don't have to explain any of this to you, so I leave it for your reflection and amusement.


Goddess, I can't be a man without you.

Who are You, who's been refracted so imperfectly through the women of my life?


...why is Your energy so inaccessible, O cruel archetype?

I long to know You as Mother, Lover, Friend.

But You are aloof - You play games with me.

The absence of You divorces body from soul, heart from access and flow.

In my life, I've idolized You, and I've hated You.

I want neither.

Instead, I want to flow into You - to be lost in Your warmth, intoxicated in Your sensuality, recognizing and honoring Your essence in all things.

I also want to feel like a man in Your presence, to give you my essence and have it received, with gratefulness and joy.


If you think of it this week, maybe you can send a bouquet of flowers and a consoling Hallmark card to Mike at

Perhaps I will send a box of chocolates.


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1 Comment from: Unk [Visitor] Email
I love the comment he got about how mind-stretching the post was--like a cervix stretching to allow birth.

Kind of tells you all you need to know about these people. No wonder popular culture is their idiom.
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2 Comment from: dissidens [Member] Email

Scratch their metaphors and find a platitude.

PermalinkPermalink 06/01/12 @ 09:38
3 Comment from: dissidens [Member] Email

Masculinity: begging an imaginary female to allow you feel like a man.

Notice the supplication is not to be a man, just to feel like one.

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4 Comment from: John R. [Visitor] Email
Perhaps I'm simply out of touch with the Divine Feminine, but "his" whole post struck me as the kind of lame rap that guy with the acoustic guitar back in college used to spout just to try to pick up chicks.

Sadly, he'll have to learn the hard way. The ladies might like a tear or two if your wing-man Goose was just killed in heavy fighter pilot action, but they'll be somewhat less enamored of your ruefully lachrymose laments about mommy weaning you too suddenly.
PermalinkPermalink 06/05/12 @ 13:39
5 Comment from: dissidens [Member] Email

Mike is a typical post-modern chatterbox. His identity is all wrapped up in--and limited to--trendy bafflegab.

And so this is the picture of a health food devotee:

Bigfoot smells a campfire and dreams of the love of a good woman.

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